Korean Spring Roll (월남쌈)
Korean Spring Roll (월남쌈)
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Korean Spring Roll (월남쌈)

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Chil Bo Food Trading
Our shop have selling various type of Korean Traditional Side Dishes (banchan) / Frozen product

Korean Spring Roll (월남쌈 wollam-ssam)
Wollamsam is a Korean version of Vietnamese Spring Rolls. It is made with rice paper and filled with hearty and healthy ingredients, perfect for snacking with family and friends.

Korean spring roll is our signature food. There are many types of ingredients, all ingredients are fresh. Wrap what ever you want but don't forget to put our homemade spicy & sour sauce and peanut powder, that's a perfect combination! So delicious~~

Comes with banana, onion, celery, red paper, lettuce, jicama, mint, apple, yellow pepper, cucumber, tomato, pear, coriander, pineapple (homemade), peanut powder, vermicelli, spicy & sour sauce (homemade), rice paper and stir fried meat.

Give us a try, you will love it! 

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