Seasoned Squid / Octopus 오징어젓 / 낙지젓
Seasoned Squid / Octopus 오징어젓 / 낙지젓
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Seasoned Squid / Octopus 오징어젓 / 낙지젓 (Muslim friendly)

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Chil Bo Food Trading
Our shop have selling various type of Korean Traditional Side Dishes (banchan)

Seasoned Squid / Octopus (오징어젓 o-jing-eo-jeot / 낙지젓 nak-ji-jeot)
This is Korean fermented and seasoned seafood - squid / octopus, salty preserved seafood. It is taste salty, chewy, garlicky and sweet with a deep, fermented, almost nutty flavor.

We using homemade chili powder to making the sauce. Guarantee the taste are perfect!
❌Without any chemical ingredients / preservative / colour pigments.
Our products are PORK FREE & ALCOHOL FREE

Keep well in fridge.

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